We are having a little discussion here what exactly a "concurrent session" is. As I understood so far we have

a) Named users

b) Concurrent sessions

The named user amount is the amount of Xpert.ivy-Users which my be imported via an AD or added manually in the ServerAdministrationPanel. But what is regarded a concurrent session?

If I have 150 named users and I have 50 people logged in - so I've 50 concurrent sessions.

But what happens if a user has (for example) two browsers opened and is logged in with the same account - would the last case consume two concurrent sessions?

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In Xpert.ivy a session is a http or ulc session. This means that every time a user starts a new web browser a new session is created.

However since Xpert.ivy 4.3 the counting of the concurrent sessions for licensing has changed. It is more likely to be concurrent users instead of concurrent sessions now.

In details:

  • All sessions in which the same user is logged in are counted as one concurrent session as long as there are less than 10 open sessions for a user. In case there are 11 open session it is counted as 2 concurrent sessions. 12->3, 13->4, etc.
  • Sessions in which no user is logged in (anonymous sessions) are also counted as above.


  • If you exceed the concurrent sessions of your license a licence warning is reported.
  • If you exceed it by more than 50% no new sessions can be created and a licence error is reported.
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Thanks for your detailed reply. I assume that a anonymous session is not counted up (more than 10 anonymous users on a public portal would quickly result in problems here). Or am I wrong here and it's counted up like logged in users?

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Each anonymous Session is counted as 1. 10 anonymous Sessions are counted as 10 concurrent Sessions. This is because an anonymous Session does not require a named user License whereas a known Session needs one.

(02.12.2013 at 19:47) Reto Weiss ♦♦ Reto%20Weiss's gravatar image

Regarding Named Users:

  • Engine Admin User do NOT count as Named Users.
  • The three Portal default users (admin, guest, demo) do count as Named Users.

The easiest way to check how many Named Users or how many Concurrent Users are currently defined or logged in is to use Java VisualVM (comes with every JDK, to be found in %JDK_HOME%/bin). You need to install the Axon.ivy Engine Monitor Plugin, to be found in %ENGINE_HOME%/misc/visualvm/visualvm-plugin.nbm.

Then open the running Ivy Engine in Java VisualVM, go to the tab Axon.ivy und look under License. Unless you have an unlimited Named Users and Concurrent Users license, the tab should look like this: alt text


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