Hello everyone,

how is it possible to use the primefaces <p:calendar>-element with a "date"-object (ch.ivyteam.ivy.scripting.objects.Date) as destination to save the entered date? In the example on THIS page (see section "Converters") they used

<f:convertDateTime pattern="dd.MM.yyyy" />

this solution worked well on my local Xpert.ivy Designer, but does not on our testserver - it just crashed with an error, that it can't convert a java.util.Date-object into a ch.ivyteam.ivy.scripting.objects.Date-object which is a obviously message, that the "converteDateTime" does not work.

In THIS video, someone showed that it is definitively possible to save the value of an calendar-component into a ivy-date. Unfortunately i have no possibility to take a look on the automatic generatred code of the Designer.

Looking forward for your answers,

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The ivy-date usage within Html Dialogs should work with the converter you mentioned.

<p:calendar id="Birthday" value="#{data.birthday}" navigator="true" required="true" pattern="dd.MM.yyyy">
    <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd.MM.yyyy" />

A sample project which uses this converter is also delivered with the Designer. See the Designer folder: applications/samples/HtmlDialogDemos Import this project into your workspace and inspect the Html Dialog ch.ivyteam.htmldialog.demo.input.FormDemo to see an example in action.

I've just deployed and tested this Demo application on an ivyServer and it runs as expected.


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Thanks for your answer, but i still got an error on our testserver. I'll open a service ticket.

(11.07.2014 at 09:51) NickSinger NickSinger's gravatar image
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