Sometimes this error occurs: message dialog instance with id 145EF8B978ECA79F is not available any more

what does it mean ?

asked 13.05.2014 at 11:43

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Karel Tauser
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I had this error when I renamed the dialog in ivy. You simply can't rename them. You have to make a new and copy the content.

It means the id under which your dialog is available did change somehow. But the link remained in the configuration of your project.

(13.05.2014 at 11:51) Daniel Oechslin Daniel%20Oechslin's gravatar image

There can be a couple of reasons for that - what exactly do you mean with "sometimes"?

(14.05.2014 at 08:42) Nikel Weis Nikel%20Weis's gravatar image

we are starting JSF Panel from RIA. Sometimes, if it is started in more Tabs in Browser, we receive this message... It is the case in Designer, but also on Server.

(14.05.2014 at 17:19) Karel Tauser Karel%20Tauser's gravatar image

How do you construct the link to the JSF-Dialog to be started?

(15.05.2014 at 11:31) Nikel Weis Nikel%20Weis's gravatar image

we start the User Dialog with the element in logic of RIA

(15.05.2014 at 11:37) Karel Tauser Karel%20Tauser's gravatar image

Is possible for you to start it with a link? If yes - try that.

(15.05.2014 at 11:46) Nikel Weis Nikel%20Weis's gravatar image
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It means that your FacesContext not longer available. The ID is corresponding to the FacesContext, which could be reached like this:

FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

The lifecycle of this context act like the @ViewScope. So, an ID is generated for each HTML-Dialog which is called and is available as long the view is shown. For further information: Javadoc FacesContext

But I am also not really confident with this. We have a similar problem in our (pure JSF) project when we switch from one Dialog to another. The error occures just sometimes and in the background (the application seems to work). We suppose that there is a HTTP response sending by ajax from somwhere, as the faces context is already closed.

I hope this information could help you in a way?


answered 28.05.2014 at 13:40

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Adrian Imfeld
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This message is caused most of the time by a HTTP session timeout. The Html Dialog instances are hold in the HTTP session. If it timeouts the Html Dialog instances are cleanup and are therefore no longer available.


answered 05.06.2014 at 10:24

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Reto Weiss ♦♦
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is it possible to handle this http session timeout and present own error page ?

(03.12.2014 at 13:43) tauser tauser's gravatar image

the error page can be customized since Lauberhorn 5.1.1 but it will not be merged to earlier versions: see

24219 Improvement Customizable error report page

(04.12.2014 at 12:32) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

thank you for your quick answer, and is there any documentation, how to do it please ?

(04.12.2014 at 12:43) tauser tauser's gravatar image

Hi everyone,

In my team project, we got this issue when we have tested our app with many people (10 members) at the same time. I could reproduce it with another simple ivy project by using Jmeter. We are using Axon Ivy 6.3.0.

Do you have any idea?


answered 13.10.2016 at 12:34

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