For a curernt application, we have the requirement to convert .docx and .doc files to a *.pdf file and append a page. Can this be done with the DocumentFactory or do we have to implement this by utilizing other tools?

The Aspose API should be able to do that, but I couldn't find an example on the Jira page for the DocumentFactory.

Edit - due to a related question, I could answer it myself. Both scenarios are possible by utilizing Aspose directly.

        Document doc = new Document("C:\\Users\\m.hoffmann\\Documents\\Die Kultur im Sudetenland.docx");
        DocumentBuilder docBuilder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
        docBuilder.writeln("Dies ist ein Beispielausgabetext, welcher mit Aspose eingefĆ¼gt wurde");
        docBuilder.getDocument().save("C:\\Users\\m.hoffmann\\Documents\\asposeOutputEdited.pdf", SaveFormat.PDF);
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This is pretty simple to convert doc/docx to pdf with the DocFactory, even if it is not its "first" purpose. Just consider the following unit test:

    File docxToBeConverted = new File(TEST_DIRECTORY_RELATIVE_PATH + "/singleAppendedFileContinuous.docx");

    DocumentTemplate docTemplate = DocumentTemplate.withTemplate(docxToBeConverted);

    FileOperationMessage result = docTemplate.generateDocument();
    File pdfFile = result.getFiles().get(0);

    assertThat(result.isSuccess(), is(true));
    assertThat(result.getFiles(), hasSize(1));

Here we use the ch.ivyteam.ivy.addons.docfactory.DocumentTemplate Object which gets a template for doing the mail merge. As we only give a plain doc or docx without any mergefields and data to fill, the doc or docx remains untouched during the mail merge operation and the result is only saved as PDF.


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