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Hi everyone, as far as I can find, every time user logs in with IVY Portal, the session is kept (not renewed). You can check this via JSESSIONID. Thus, it leads to session fixation attack.
May Axon.ivy provide a mechanism to prevent this kind of attack? I am using Axon.ivy 6.3.0.
Thank you.

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Bao Tran
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This is a known issue. See Unfortunately, we cannot fix this issue without breaking RIA applications. However, we plan to drop RIA support in Axon.ivy 8. After that we can fix this issue.

Regards Reto Weiss, Axon.ivy Support


answered 04.01 at 04:20

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Reto Weiss ♦♦
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Thank you for your answer. This means that there is nothing we can do now?

(04.01 at 04:37) Bao Tran Bao%20Tran's gravatar image
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