I know how to store a single list in a JPA class. but now everytime i try to add another list to any other entity class i get an ivy:error:persistence, with following error message:

IvyScriptRuntimeException: IvyScript Runtime Exception in
        teamprojekt.showDashboard.showDashboardData out;
        out = in;
        in.data.closedJobs = ivy.persistence.axsosUnit.findAll(teamprojekt.Job.class);

IvyScriptMethodInvocationException: Error calling method findAll(java.lang.Class) on an object of class ch.ivyteam.ivy.process.data.persistence.internal.IvyEntityManager.

PersistenceUnitException: Failed to excecute operation "findAll" for persistence unit "axsosUnit".

PersistenceUnitException: Could not create EntityManagerFactory of persistence unit'axsosUnit'

PersistenceException: [PersistenceUnit: axsosUnit] Unable to build EntityManagerFactory

MultipleBagFetchException: cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags

I have read, that you cant use two lists in the same entity class, but i use them in different entity classes. maybe because they are nested?

the structure is: institutionList is inside education which is inside application which has the other list.

I have also read, the solution is to use a set instead of a list. can you explain how to do this? I've tried to change the list to a set from the entity class wizzard, but without success.

can you show me how to do this?

thank you very much

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Reguel Werme... ♦♦

Just go into the dataclass editor and write the new set type into the column 'Type'.

In my example project it would be be java.util.Set<simpleJpa.Phone>

alt text


answered 25.04.2016 at 09:35

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Reguel Werme... ♦♦
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Alex Suter ♦♦

thats what I tried. But when i press enter it changes Type to just Set and the dialog to set the Association is not available anymore, When i try to select java.util.Set with the button you circeled on the screenshot, ivy doesnt ask for the type as it does when i select list. it just closes the dialog and then the type is Set (not Set<t>).

Ivy also shows an error that says: The field type 'java.util.Set' does not support persistence.

(25.04.2016 at 12:05) joha0123 joha0123's gravatar image

i was able to set it when i type the full qualified type of Set and it's generic type parameter manually into the type column. But i agree that the Class chooser button behaves wrong...

(25.04.2016 at 12:21) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

are you able to choose the association type after? when i tried, it only showed an association when i switch from list to set, but i cant change it. e.g. there are no items to select from the dropdown (ONE_TO_ONE 7 ONE_TO_MANY)

when i want to give a new attribute the type set (full qualified name + generic type) the button to select the association doesnt even show.

(25.04.2016 at 12:58) joha0123 joha0123's gravatar image

It works with axon ivy designer 5.1!

maybe a bug of version 6? i tried 6.0.3 and 6.1.0. in both i couldt use sets in entity classes.

(26.04.2016 at 09:32) joha0123 joha0123's gravatar image

I agree that the selection of a java.util.Set plus its generic type is not possible with designer newer than 5.1. I'll create an issue

(27.04.2016 at 16:36) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

Will be fixed with 6.0.4 and 6.2

(17.06.2016 at 13:56) Reto Weiss ♦♦ Reto%20Weiss's gravatar image
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