Hi everyone,

is it possible as a workflow user to pause or suspend a task? In this case the workflow user wants to resume his task on the next day.

I've seen that it is possible when the workflow user opens his task and let the session of his web browser time out. But is there a way to achieve this without this mentioned time out?

Thanks in advance for your support and this great forum.

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I guess that you're working with ivy 5.x?

To suspend a task a user is currently working on, set it back by calling => ivy.task.reset(); in a Script Step after user cancels the task (e.g by a cancel button in a form)

Be sure, that the user who owns this task has the appropriate permission to call this method. => ivy.wf.getApplication().getSecurityDescriptor().grantPermission(IPermission.TASK_RESET,<irole user="" owns="">); Call this by an System Admin to grant the permission to the role this user owns.

Now the task is going back to it's suspended state.


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Thanks for the quick answer. Yes I do work with the Xpert.ivy Desinger > 5.0 in fact 5.0.9. I've implemented this so far.

But I get an IllegalStateException - the Business Process does not like the suspended state of my task.

My Business Process created an Task. The User in the JSF HTML Dialog calls my pause event via commandButton. Afterwards ivy.task.reset() is executed inside the HTML User Dialog Logic. When my Business Process hits the Process End Element the Exception pops up. But the behavior is correct as the Task has the state suspended.


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