Hello all Currently we take over a big project from other team and it had a large logic already. So our team found that in some scriptlet the old team imported some strange lib in scriplet but not used at any places. So my team really want to remove it as we can do in eclipse with Ctrl+O. How can we do that in ivy scriplet? Thanks in advance

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The ivyScript editor has no feature to detect unused code. However the fastest way to reveal unused third party libraries in your project is to simply remove the library from your classpath and run the full validation against the local project and all the dependent projects. (Right click -> Validate)

Then the ivyScript validator will show errors for ivyScripts that have used the library. So you can navigate quickly to the places where the library has been used with the "Problems" view. ...and delete script parts if they are just unused imports.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I think it's best way. But we just do that for user libraries, not for common libraries (Java, XpertIvy)? We have one time building Hudson failed because somebody import wrong common libraries. Besides, we can't follow good Java coding convention.

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Run a filesearch and delete it there, so you can be sure it is not used anywhere. If the project is to large to do it in a filesearch, use a unix-regex on your workspace for deletion.


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but the problem is i don't know exactly how many imported lib is unneccessary. that project come from other team. If it is Eclipse you can easily see warning marked point. I don't want to open each scriptlet and check whether there are any unused lib

(10.06.2014 at 13:57) trungdv trungdv's gravatar image
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