can I check what are Users online or offline in xpertivy use IUSER ?

asked 27.02.2014 at 06:37

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if you download this project, a overview of online Users is given.

The user Management of ivy Server (5.08) also shows whether a user is logged on or not.

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The following script only returns all sessions of the current cluster node:


To get a list of all users that are online on any cluster node of a Xpert.ivy Enterprise Server use the following code:


List<String> onlineUsers;
for (SessionInfo sessionInfo : ivy.session.getSecurityContext().getClusterSessionsSnapshot().getSessionInfos())
    if (!sessionInfo.isSessionUserUnknown())
        if (!onlineUsers.contains(sessionInfo.getSessionUserName()))

answered 04.03.2014 at 17:18

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I don't think that this will work directly by using Iuser.

I've two possibilities how I would do that.

1) Get all the Sessions that are oppened on the securityContext and read the users which has this sessions created.

List<iuser> userList = new ArrayList<iuser>(); for (ISession s : Ivy.session().getSecurityContext().getSessions()){ userList.add(s.getSessionUser()); }

2) Set a property on the users when they login. Then get all Users from the SecurtiyContext and check the property for each user.

iuser.setProperty("login", "true");


answered 27.02.2014 at 09:28

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