Hello ivyTeam

Authentication information (Web Service Call Step) have to be sent in a SOAP-request. WS-Nonce, WS-Created and WS-Time-to-Live are mandatory attributes.

Has Xpert.ivy Designer a configuration option or maybe exists a workaround for such purpose?

Thank you in advance.


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Hello Sergej

in fact it's a high level XIVY extension. Be careful when performing, and do it only if you really know why & what you do.
There is no such feature in IVY to set these special properties, but there is a workaround. First of all you have to know that whenever you generate Axis 1 / 2 client classes for a WS configuration, then Java stub class files are newly created (.java), compiled, and packed to a jar file. Next to the jar file you always find its counter part WSDL file. These files are located in the YOUR_PROJECT_DIR/lib_ws/client folder.

You can do the following:

1, configure and generate your Axis client classes
2, locate the jar file in lib_ws/client folder, which contains stub classes for your WS
3, backup it
4, extract it
5, open the YourWebServiceABC_Stub.java file (e.g. CONTACTPERSON_READ_INStub.java)
6, extend it's only method which has got similar name to its Stub class. It has got an input parameter like XYRequest and a return type YZResponse
This method is invoked, whenever XIVY invokes this Web Service. Therefore in this method you may set up any Axis parameter you like (e.g. TTL, etc.)
7, save, recompile this class
8, pack your WS client jar file, and place it to its original location
9, Restart XIVY designer.
10, Enjoy!



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Tamas KIS
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Hello Tamas

thank you for reply.

It looks good! I'll give a try and correspond the results here.

@why and what - there are project requirements and data import goes over WS with following authentication. Not more or less. Another alternative was to set up an independent triggered tomcat instance to solve this task. But yours suggestion opens new perspectives in this case.




answered 14.02.2014 at 11:10

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