Hello Community,

I'm using poi 3.9 to generate some excel-sheets.

The goal was to generate xlsx with XSSF.

I created some classes and functions to write the sheet but every time when I create a new Workbook the following exception apears: XML-BEANS compiled schema: Incompatible minor version - expecting up to 23, got 24.

The problem is that Xpert.ivy has included the xmlbeans-2.4.0.jar (in Folder XpertIvyDesigner5.0\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\94\1.cp\lib) but poi needs xmlbeans-2.3.0.jar.

How can I override the jar file from the ivy installation? I tried it with a direct include in my project with xmlbeans-2.3.0 and the with the full ooxml-schemas-1.1.jar. But every time it takes the 2.4.jar.

What effects will appear when I change the jar file directly in the folder?

At the moment I changed my code to hssf to create xls-files but sooner or later I must change the code to xssf, to generate xlsx.

asked 05.02.2014 at 10:00

Raphael%20B%C3%BCrgin's gravatar image

Raphael Bürgin
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Hi Raphael

I don't think, xmlbeans-2.4.0.jar causes the problem - this one is newer than the one you need. I think problem comes from xbean-2.2.0.jar (located in <designer root="">\plugins\ch.ivyteam.ivy.webservice.exec.axis2_5.0.8.201312240845.jar\lib\axis2-1.3_patched).

xbean-2.2.0.jar is used for webservices (axis2). So, you can try to replace the jar with a renamed copy of xmlbeans-2.4.0.jar. But keep in mind, that you have to do the same on the ivy-server, when you deploy your project.

I don't know, what side effects you have to expect when doing something with this jar. Be careful - things may break...


answered 07.02.2014 at 12:19

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Dominik Regli ♦
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edited 07.02.2014 at 14:13

Hello Dominik,

Thanks for your answer.

I know that 2.4 is newer then 2.3 that is exectly the problem. "up to" means "<= 2.3".

PS: When I delete the jars de desinger will recreate these.

(07.02.2014 at 13:58) Raphael Bürgin Raphael%20B%C3%BCrgin's gravatar image

Yes, the jar needs to be replaced in the actual Eclipse Plugin. I adjusted my answer.

(07.02.2014 at 14:12) Dominik Regli ♦ Dominik%20Regli's gravatar image
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