I have a text content object which contains Ivy macros like <%= in.abc.var%>. This content object is used as content in an email element with <%ivy.cms.co("...")%>. This works very good.

Now we want to do the same but call it with an external function which gets the subject and the content as an argument. But this leads to the following exception:

ch.ivyteam.ivy.macro.MacroException: Error during macro expansion: IvyScript Runtime Exception in Instruction: in.abc.var<br/>
    Block: in.abc.var<br/>
    at  ch.ivyteam.ivy.macro.internal.MacroExpander.expandMacros(MacroExpander.java:84)

Is there a possibility to evaluate a string that contains ivy macros like it was possible in Ivy 3.x?

asked 20.06.2013 at 10:19

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Matthias Lang
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In Ivy 4+ you can use placeholders like {0} and {1} in your content objects. In ivy.cms.co() you then can pass a list of parameters that will replace the placeholders.

/MyContentObject = "My name is {0} and I am {1} years old."
ivy.cms.co("/MyContentObject", ["Michael", in.age])

Unfortunately we do not support the dedicated functions expand() and evaluate() like in 3.x .


answered 27.06.2013 at 10:44

Bruno%20B%C3%BCtler's gravatar image

Bruno Bütler
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