Hi Ivy team,

We are facing the challenge, that our customer will switch the PROD-Enviornment to a new physical hardware within the next few month.

We used ivy business data, task data and case data for storing the user data. We also create some folder inside the application folder and keep some pdf, image, doc file.....

The question is - How can we switch the database from the old environment to the new one? - Can we export the DB from the old ivy instance and import it to the new one? - Is there any document / guide on how to do that?

Thank you!

asked 29.06.2020 at 04:14

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Hello khanh11166

You don't have to export the database from ivy, simply create a database backup of your current database and import it into the new database instance, you should easily find a manual how to do that for your database type on their respective website. All you have to do on the ivy side is to reconfigure the new database connection. If the database is located on a different host that doesn't get replaced, simply reconfigure the database connection on the new ivy engine.

As for the pdfs, images and doc files you will have to manually copy them into the same directory structure on the new ivy engine.

Depending on the ivy version you might also need a different licence, ivy 7 and prior check the hostname for validity, either make sure the new host keeps the old name or contact us via support for a new licence.

Make sure you use the same version of ivy on the new host or else you might have to migrate your projects first.

Best regards


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Oliver Heer
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Thanks Oliver, We will try and let you know the result.

Cheers, Mr. DK

(01.07.2020 at 06:48) khanh11166 khanh11166's gravatar image

Hi Oliver But aren't cases, tasks and business data "linked" to a specific application/process model? So if I want a completely fresh deployment in a new application all my data will be for another application and therefore no longer usable. Is there anyway to really just copy/transfer ONLY the tasks/cases/business data from one system database into a new application in a new system database?

(01.07.2020 at 11:38) Lars Tuchel Lars%20Tuchel's gravatar image

Hi Lars, you are right, they are linked to a specific process model version, if you don't change anything in your process model you can just re-deploy it to the new engine. https://developer.axonivy.com/doc/8.0/engine-guide/administration/deployment.html#deployment (make sure you use the documentation of your ivy version)

If you changed your process model you will have to manually migrate your cases, tasks and business data: https://answers.axonivy.com/questions/4323/migrate-running-cases-to-new-pmv

(02.07.2020 at 02:20) Oliver Heer Oliver%20Heer's gravatar image
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