Hi Ivy Team,

I would like to configure Administrators by using Environment variable, I can configure systemdb:url by using IVY_SYSTEMDB_URL. But the structure Administrators config is different:


    Password: "${hash:mySecret}"
    Email: info@localhost.com

Can I create Environment variables like following:


I use Environment variable because I'm running Axon.ivy Engine within Containerized environment, and Environment variable is the suitable way to store configuration.

I could see the Global Variables, Security System face the same issue.

Thank for your support.

asked 17.06.2020 at 00:17

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Hello vinh, you are spot on, an example of the environment variables is available in our docker examples: https://github.com/ivy-samples/docker-samples/tree/master/ivy-environment-variables

(17.06.2020 at 03:05) Oliver Heer Oliver%20Heer's gravatar image

Thanks about the example. It clear for me.

(17.06.2020 at 03:35) vinh_ vinh_'s gravatar image

The name of the administrator is part of the environment variable key:

This installs an administrator with name admin and password admin.


This example installs an administrator with name vinh and password 1234


answered 17.06.2020 at 03:09

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Alex Suter ♦♦
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(17.06.2020 at 03:37) vinh_ vinh_'s gravatar image

Could be possible when you escape the key. But I'm not sure.

It's quite hard to configure the hole ivy with environment variables. I don't recommend it. If you are in containerized environment like Kubernetes then you better use ConfigMap.

(17.06.2020 at 04:02) Alex Suter ♦♦ Alex%20Suter's gravatar image

I am using ConfigMaps, I want to separate those configurations into many ConfigMaps, then expose them as environment variables, the only alternative way I know is store the whole ivy.yaml inside a key/value of ConfigMap, I don't know if I could split ivy.yaml into smaller files?

(17.06.2020 at 05:56) vinh_ vinh_'s gravatar image

I think it is possible with ConfigMap to split them in smaller files and merge them together "on-the-fly"? If not, then you may start a feature request for the Axon.ivy platform that you are able to split ivy.yaml in multiple files.

(18.06.2020 at 03:53) Alex Suter ♦♦ Alex%20Suter's gravatar image

Hi Alex, I think merging the ivy.yaml "on-the-fly" is possible, it will require some scripting work. Thank you for a good discussion.

(18.06.2020 at 20:55) vinh_ vinh_'s gravatar image
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