When configuring an external security system like LDAP, in the users page, I have a "Synchronize" button. That grabs the users, roles, etc. on-demand from the LDAP. If this button is not pressed, how often is the sync done? Where is it configured? Can it be made to synchronize more or less often?

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Hi @sorin

The sync is done once a day. You can configure the time where the synchronization runs: See the UpdateTime property on the last line (175) here: https://developer.axonivy.com/doc/8.0/engine-guide/configuration/files/ivy-securitysystem-yaml.html

There is also a UI to configure this value in the cockpit: alt text


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We see the changes are applied more often than that, are you sure? If we remove a user from a group, in a couple of minutes it's no longer able to log in, for example.

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If the user pro-actively tries to login to a workflow app then the user is being synchronized. And yes therefore group memership changes are quickly rolled out. The daily synchronization enforces the correct state for all of users and role-members. So also users which are not working actively working on the workflow system are being updated.

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