Hello, Is there any way to use the apache derby database in AxonIvy platform 8.0? I tried adding the driver to the project buildpath and configuring the database, but it isnt working through the editor. Is there something that i need to do for it to work?

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not answering the question but I wonder why you want to use derby. If it's just to have a small memory database, you may want to use HsqlDB instead. We've just updated the included version to a version that actually is fun to use: https://answers.axonivy.com/questions/960/use-the-latest-hsqldb-within-my-project

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I Actually wanted derby for non-memory useage - HSQLDB has some restrictions in querying that i dont like that cause hibernate to go insane with N+1 selects and application side filtering. I did endup using HSQLDB, and its ok anyway, since we are going production with MySQL, but having Derby is nice since its closer to production setups(Ive used it for entire applications before, that had ~5 gb of data per instance), and is a fair bit more optimized with off-heap memory and very stable for development use.}

It would make a great addition to the axon ivy DB roster for future releases tho

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