Dear customers, AXON Ivy supporters and developers

It is very important to us to continuously improve and professionalize the development of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. Some time ago, we introduced a new release cycle concept, which provides two different versions of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform in parallel:

  • LTS (Long Term Support): A major version that is stable over a longer period of time (average 1.5 - 2 years), which does not present any new features and focuses on bug fixing
  • LE (Leading Edge): A further development of the LTS version, which already provides the latest features for early adopters.

This concept has proven itself and will therefore continue to be used. In addition, our customers have shown that support for the two latest LTS versions and support for the latest LE version is ideal for both ongoing and new projects.

During the versioning and numbering of the versions, however, there were always misunderstandings, which we have now resolved with the extended concept. Some customers were not aware that a change from an LTS version (for example 7.0.x) to an LE version (for example 7.1) means a major version change with migration effort/pain. Therefore the LE version was often used unnecessarily. This resulted in the fact that you either have to go along with every LE upgrade or run the risk of having an unsupported version in use.

Therefore the new versioning plans to release all LTS versions as even version numbers and all LE versions as odd version numbers. Thus it is clearly defined that a change from an LTS version to an LE version is a major upgrade with migration effort without backwards compatibility.

The next LE version will be numbered 9.1, while the next LTS major release will be numbered 10.0.

This information is available for everyone on our developer page:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Andreas Balsiger

Head of Product Management

asked 31.03.2020 at 09:54

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thanks for clarifying the way to go. I am convinced that the new release cycle and numbering scheme makes it easier to decide wisely on which release train a project should be started.


answered 01.04.2020 at 04:38

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