I have a couple of servers that do authentication via some LDAP, ActiveDirectory or something. There is a permission mapping in place between the user groups and Axon.ivy permissions. If I want to change said mapping, do I have to manually do so on each server, or is there a file/table that I can write to? Question also applies for new installations.

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Mappings between groups/users defined within an Axon.ivy Project to an Active Directory CN must be defined on the Axon.ivy Engine serving the workflow app.

In then Engine Cockpit roles can be defined with an 'external security name' reference. So once roles are linked like this to the Active Directory - they are fully under control of the AD administrator.


Basically these role/user mappings live in the system database of the Axon.ivy Engine. So you have to define it on the server for once. Many other security system configurations can be defined in files: see https://dev.axonivy.com/doc/8.0/engine-guide/configuration/files/ivy-securitysystem-yaml.html#ivy-securitysystem-yaml


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Thank you. The only relevant information for me is "Basically these role/user mappings live in the system database of the Axon.ivy Engine." Any idea in which table?

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You mean which user is which role? -> IWA_UserRole Or which user/role has which permission? -> IWA_SecurityDescriptor

(02.04.2020 at 02:13) Lukas Lieb ♦♦ Lukas%20Lieb's gravatar image

Set you security system configuration: enter code here

Set an external security name in your role configuration: alt text

Synchronize role. The role should now be mapped to the security system group: alt text


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Thank you, but that's not what I asked

(01.04.2020 at 10:52) sorin sorin's gravatar image
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