Since 8.0 you can create static JSF pages. Those pages can be accessed directly via a URL without being in an an HtmlDialog context. And until 8.0.3 they were still located in the webContent folder.

Are you affected?

If you used static pages and you upgrade to 8.0.4 your page will no longer be found by the engine.

What have changed?

To improve security, we changed the location to webContent/view. This helps you to decide which pages should be static and can be accessed directly.

How should your webContent folder look like?

If you use static pages, you should have a view folder, and if not, please do not use this folder. Your structure could look like something like the this:

  - WEB-INF/
  - view/          (static JSF pages -> direct call possible)
  - includes/    (templates, dialogs, etc -> no direct call allowed)
  - resources/  (images, css, js, etc. -> no direct call allowed)

Additional info

If you use static pages, you should consider securing them with a login.

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