In ivy 7, I use the repository as below to get osgi.bundle package.

<repository> <id>ivy.nightly.release</id> <layout>p2</layout> <url></url> </repository>

It work well with Ivy version 7. But with Ivy version 8.0.2, it cannot work.

So, could you show me the repository need to use for version 8.0.2?

I try to change: <url></url> => <url></url> but it also cannot work.


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the lts-8.0 repo should provide all official bundles. what concrete issues are you currently facing. any errors from your build pipeline?

(04.02 at 06:47) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

My issue is: I have MANIFEST.MF file with this configure "Require-Bundle: ch.ivyteam.util,ch.ivyteam.ivy.server". With ivy designer 7.0.10 i can install maven with this dependency: <repository> <id>ivy.nightly.release</id> <layout>p2</layout> <url></url> </repository>. But with ivy designer 8.0.2 the error "Missing requirement: persistence 0.0.1 requires 'osgi.bundle; ch.ivyteam.util 0.0.0' but it could not be found" is displayed.

(04.02 at 23:44) pttung pttung's gravatar image

in theory ch.ivyteam.uil exists in the latest LTS p2 repo: ... you can also inspect that by pressing the 'list' button within the 'content' section of the mentioned uri.

However, since there is no obvious error visible. Try to share your MANIFEST.MF + maven effective pom.xml and the full error stack trace being shown.

(05.02 at 02:49) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

It's hard to show you all messages in this page, i was contact with support team by email for this problem.

Anyway, thank you for your help.

(05.02 at 03:00) pttung pttung's gravatar image

This problem is dedicated to the maven version 3.6.1. Axon.ivy Designer 8.0.2 comes with built-in maven 3.6.1.

Workaround: Download current maven version (3.6.3) and call your command on the command line.


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