Following up with this issue: https://answers.axonivy.com/questions/4197/axon-ivy-mobile-app-design-issues

I am trying to use AXON Ivy mobile app after upgrade the Designer/Engin to version 8.0.1 since I faced a lot of design issues in version 7.4. Please check the above link.

Anyway, my question is the current version of AXON Ivy has a new release for the mobile app? is the left side menu works on mobile? because am facing some issues related to the left side menu and some of the prime-faces component. Also, the movement between the pages and dealing with the component was very slow.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks,

asked 12.12.2019 at 02:47

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Yes there is a new version of the App (last update 04.12.2019). Did you tried it whit this one?

In addition there is a Migration Notes entry ( https://developer.axonivy.com/doc/latest/migration-notes ) about the IOS App:

Re-synchronise your device with the engine after migrating. Tasks that are not synchronised and are being worked on may throw ViewExpiredExceptions when synchronising with the engine. etc...

May this helps?

(12.12.2019 at 04:02) Lukas Lieb ♦♦ Lukas%20Lieb's gravatar image

I am using AXON Ivy mobile app version 2.6 is it the latest one? regarding to the link which you added did not work, I've got "page not found".

What about the left side menu, is it works on mobile?

(12.12.2019 at 04:09) Hazem Hazem's gravatar image

Link works for me... (May try this one: https://developer.axonivy.com/doc/8.0.0/migration-notes )

Which left side menu do you mean? From the app itself?

(12.12.2019 at 08:04) Lukas Lieb ♦♦ Lukas%20Lieb's gravatar image

Hi Hazem

Thanks for your input. Well, I assume that you are using the iOS Mobile App, right? So let me position this app for your better understanding and to use it in the right situation.

The Mobile App was especially intended to use with offline functionality. The app supports this and therefore, use cases with offline mobile work are essential when using the app. See this showcase: http://ivymobile.work

Based on our experience, offline forms are kept very simple and are not using a lot of design elements or lots of widgets. Therefore, we support only basic elements such as: Input fields, Datepickers, Buttons, Labels, Checkboxes, Radio-Buttons and Dropdowns.

If you are not using offline functionality, the best way to have a great UX is to use our new Axon.ivy Portal which is shipped in the lastest Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform 8.0 release. The Axon.ivy Portal supports full responsive behaviour and all widgets you wish for.

If you are still facing problems, please feel also free to open a support ticket under support@axonivy.com

I hope this helps you, have a great day, best, Andreas


answered 13.12.2019 at 05:36

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regarding your answer please check the answer that I added below. thanks

(13.12.2019 at 06:41) Hazem Hazem's gravatar image

Hi Andeas,

Thank you for the response it was very helpful. But I have something not clear and I need some answers if you can. Can I use the mobile application without offline functionality? Because in our current project we are using the mobile app without offline functionality and still we cannot deal with some primefaces component like toggles, .. etc.

Another thing did you mean using new Axon.ivy Portal that if I open the project from any browser through mobile I will get a great responsive design? this is what we did and got :) but also we need to have a great responsive design and functionality through the app itself.

Thanks a lot.


answered 13.12.2019 at 06:40

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Hi Hazam. Yes you can use the Mobile App without using offline functionality. But the feature set is the same like mentioned above. Therefore, we recommend to use the normal Axon.ivy Portal. Yes, you will get a full responsive design if you use the latest version 8.0. Best, Andreas

(13.12.2019 at 07:11) andreas_bals... andreas_balsiger's gravatar image

I got it.

Thank you Andreas.

(13.12.2019 at 08:08) Hazem Hazem's gravatar image
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