We should call an internal web service but we always get the error message Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized.

We try to authenticate with NTLM and we have the suspicion that we made wrong configuration settings. How can we configure Ivy to work with NTLM based web services?

asked 08.08.2011 at 11:09

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Marcel Lüke
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Xpert.ivy supports NTLM authentication for web services exclusively with Axis 2 which uses the good old HTTPClient library. Unfortunately this library does not support all NTLM versions.

Use something like this:

import org.apache.axis2.transport.http.HttpTransportProperties;
import org.apache.axis2.transport.http.HTTPConstants;

HttpTransportProperties.Authenticator auth = new HttpTransportProperties.Authenticator();
auth.setDomain( "yourDomain" );
auth.setHost( "einHost" );
auth.setPreemptiveAuthentication(true); // send authentication info at once
axisClientOptions.setProperty(HTTPConstants.AUTHENTICATE, auth);

This code work with some Sharepoint services and NTLM. If you need to know more about authentication with NTLM and Axis please refer to internet resources.


answered 17.08.2011 at 11:38

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Tamas KIS
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