Dear Ivy team.

At the moment, we're facing the problem with start link ivy is marked as Persist task on creation come with some additional data what was set in customvarcharfield.

We create a trigger in our ivy's database to listen to any changes in iwa_task table. We saw that whenever a user starts that ivy link. ivy will insert a new record in table iwa_task with a taskid but the value for customvarchar1 is empty, very quickly after that, ivy also performs another update on the same task to update data for customvarchar. After 2 updates in the iwa_task table, we have the correct data with a task that is created come with customvarcharfield.

It works pretty well for single user because the delay time between 2 updates is very short and unnoticeable. But when there are many users are working at the same time, we got the problem. Because each user access the Portal's tasklist at the same time, so they will query the existing tasks in the system. But under some unluckily moment, the task is created (at the first stage without customvarchar) is queried and return to other user's results. Without customvarchar means the task data is not displayed properly.

I just wonder is there any way to make "Persist task on creation" is persisted only once with full of data instead of creating an empty task and update data later?

Thank in advanced.

asked 18.10.2019 at 00:27

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Hi On which version are you facing this problem?

(18.10.2019 at 05:19) Denis Huelin ♦ Denis%20Huelin's gravatar image

Hi Denis Huelin, we're using Version: 7.0.11 (Jakobshorn)

(18.10.2019 at 05:22) hieulam hieulam's gravatar image

Is that just a problem when starting or also in taskswitches? And has that problem just occurred recently or does it occur since a while already? There might be a workaround for that...

(18.10.2019 at 05:36) Denis Huelin ♦ Denis%20Huelin's gravatar image

Hi Denis Huelin, I have just tested with ivp start link, have not testes with taskswitch yet. And this problem occurs since a while already, but we have just recognized it recently. Because as I describe, the delay between 2 updates is extreme small and unnoticeable. It only rarely happens when we try to run a load test to simulate many users access the system simultaneously.

(18.10.2019 at 05:40) hieulam hieulam's gravatar image


basically it is not possible to persist the task with full data at once. It is also not planned to change this behaviour in the foreseeable future.
As a workaround you can cast your ITask to a Task and call makePersistent().

ch.ivyteam.ivy.workflow.internal.Task myTask = ivy.task as ch.ivyteam.ivy.workflow.internal.Task;

answered 18.10.2019 at 07:29

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Denis Huelin ♦
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Thank Denis very much, it works like a charm

(18.10.2019 at 07:02) hieulam hieulam's gravatar image
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