Hi Ivy team, Our application doesn't use 2 libraries of serenity theme (serenity-layout-1.0.5.jar and serenity-theme-1.0.5.jar). Therefore, we removed it in AxonIvyEngine7.3.1/webapps/ivy/WEB-INF/lib

And add config





in the web.xml

But it will make the cockpit GUI is broken.

How can we solve that problem?

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The Cockpit will not run without the serenity libs. So simply don't delete them. There shouldn't be a problem to run your application with another theme.

Kind regards



answered 04.10.2019 at 04:31

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Lukas Lieb ♦♦
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Hello Lukas, We got a problem if we don't remove that library. Because in the past, we modified the old library serenity theme (by add some more css in the same css tags of serenity). Now, Serenity theme is upgraded to new version, we don't need that. If we still keep that library, our application will be broken.

Do we have more config variables so that we will specify using serenity theme default only in cockpit, don't use in our application?


(04.10.2019 at 04:39) nndiem nndiem's gravatar image

sound like you just have to move theme customizations to your project instead of hacking the official jar files...

(04.10.2019 at 04:42) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

Hi An

First of all it's a very bad thing to change the code of a framework. With this action you will have problems every time you need to do an update. Ok, you want to stay on the version 1.0.1 but what if this version gets incompatible with Primefaces itself? But this only as side note.

I think it should be still possible to use your own serenity theme, even whit the version 1.0.1. But for this you need your own theme name. If you have your WEB-INF/lib folder first of all don't delete the normal serenity jars, you can put your own jars beside them. E.g: alt text

May you need to repackage the Serenity java classes in the theme jar too. (http://repackage.org/)

To use your theme now import them in your template.xhtml file:

alt text

Kind regards



answered 10.10.2019 at 03:38

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Lukas Lieb ♦♦
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Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your answer. But I have the little different opinion.

I think the development tool like Ivy shouldn't force customer application to use its theme. We have our own UI/ UX and we dont want to be affected by the development tool. As I understand now, the Serenity theme included in Ivy is for the Cockpit page, I not yet see the benefits to have it in our application.

Serenity 1.01 is just our base, it became KLARA theme itself already. And we are developing it day by day so we accept the risk of Primefaces upgrading.

We are doing somethings like your suggestions already. But the problem is we don't want to have the files like: nanoscroller.js/css, ripple.js/css, layout.js and also 2 css files generated by Serenity theme: layout.css and theme.css, because they are unnecessary for us. That's why I asked if we can exclude the Ivy Serenity theme in our app and only use it in Cockpit

Thanks for your support. Bests

(10.10.2019 at 22:45) An Truong An%20Truong's gravatar image

Hi all,

KLARA Theme structrure [https://www.dropbox.com/s/q75ie4veaokjrdu/Frame%201.jpg?dl=0]2

As KLARA is developing our theme based on Serenity theme 1.01 we bought last year, we don't want to upgrade the theme anymore, we want to use our developing version.

Since Ivy started to include the new Serenity theme, we have one more layer to overwrite. Imo, Serenity just should be included in the project where it needed like the Cockpit. It shouldn't affect to customer project like KLARA. We can put our theme to our project, it still works normally but it is not best practice for us. Serenity is overwriting the styling of Primefaces by wrapping one more tag out of all css stylings like: body .ui-input-text{}. If KLARA wants to have our own stylings, we must have one more identifier wrapper. Moreover, the Serenity theme will load to the template on client side 3 more files which are:

  • layout.css - Serenity layout styling
  • theme.css - Primefaces overwriting styling
  • layout.js - Primefaces components overwriting scripts

We already optimised and minified the scripts and performance for template in our side. Now if the Serenity jar included, there are more files we couldn't touch unless overwriting. We would prefer to use the original Primefaces codes where we already developed a lot of customisation codes than overwriting one more level in Serenity.

So our question is: Is there anyway that we can ignore the Serenity theme included in Ivy in our project?

Thank you very much for your support! Regards, An.


answered 09.10.2019 at 22:46

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An Truong
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