Bei unserem Ivyprojekt haben wir mehrere externe jar libraries (> 40MB). Wir haben grad den maven/jenkins build/deployment umgesetzt. Nach dem export von IARs enthalten aber Pakette immer alle externe libraries.

Alle Ivy Projekten waren ja mavenized und koennen maven dependencies enthalten. Damit muessen wir eigentlich im Designer nicht die externe JARs haben - die werden aus public repo automatisch heruntergeladet.

Gibt es eine Moeglichkeit, in den target Engine die JARs irgendwie einstecken, um wir dann die JARs in in exportierte IARs nicht haben muessen ? Es wird uns die IARs groesse auf 30% Groesse reduzieren, was waere toll.

Danke Josef

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Hi Josef

During the build process you could create multiple IAR files for each project. One that runs fine in dev environment and one that is build for deployment (containing the JARs). A multi-module Maven project could then craft the final application: A Zip that contains all IARs which can run on the engine.

Aware that you are not yet on 7.4 and can not use the full power of the app deployment process I share the link how an app.zip can be created using the latest Axon.ivy products: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrFKpclzHMnJR0Nc3Zmtem9FFHW0g6Jsz

In the project the additional IAR could be created with an additional profile (that you'll only activate in your remote build environment).

  • the profiles responsibility is to create a .classpath file which list all the JAR files from maven. I'd do this with a simple antrun-plugin invocation.
  • the packed IAR must be assemblied with a special classifier for later retrieval (e.g. com.acme:my-solution:engineIar)

... don't hesitate to ask for details if you need more to apply this.

Regards, Reguel


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