The method ivy.cms.co(String uri, List<object> formatObjects) can be used with list of objects, so that you can pass dynamic data to your cms templates using {0} , {1} afterwards. However this method will always use the current locale. If we want to get a translation in another language, we can use the ivy.cms.coLocale(String uri, Locale locale) , but it seems this method does not take List<objects> so how can we pass the dynamic data ?


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That would be good to know :)

(21.08 at 03:19) a_v_a a_v_a's gravatar image

You could try the following: 1) set the desired locale on your session -> session.setContentLocale(Locale.GERMANY) 2) call .co(uri, list) which should now be executed with the just set locale 3) reset the locale on the session to its initial locale

(23.08 at 05:53) Oliver Heer Oliver%20Heer's gravatar image

Thanks Oliver, this seems to be doing the job. :)

(26.08 at 03:35) xchatter xchatter's gravatar image

Hello @oliver-heer Is the API lacking of this capability?

(28.08 at 16:59) Alex Suter ♦♦ Alex%20Suter's gravatar image

@alex-suter you are absolutely right that we should enhance our API with a method that can handle the above case, I created issue XIVY-3314 where we should address that.

(28.08 at 17:31) Oliver Heer Oliver%20Heer's gravatar image
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