We use SSL/HTTPS to access the Ivy server. We want to exchange the certificate with our own. How can we do this?

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You can find the keystore for SSL in this file on the server:


You can either add your certificate or create a new keystore. For information about how to manipulate a keystore for Java, please use the keytool from Oracle.

Do not forget to adapt the settings for SSL and HTTPS. Open the System Administration tool from Ivy and go to the System Properties. You will have to change especially the password in the property WebServer.HTTPS.KeystorePass (default is changeit).

alt text

If you have more than one certificates in your keystore you need to fill in the KeyAlias to specify which one should be used. If the field is empty, the first certificate in the keystore will be used.


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The following commands creates a key-pair for the serverside: keytool -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias <myalianame> -keystore selfsigned.jks -validity <days> -keysize 2048

(31.07.2017 at 08:16) Flavio Sadeghi ♦♦ Flavio%20Sadeghi's gravatar image

Another easy way is to use the Webserver Integration with an IIS or Apache in front of the Ivy server. Then the SSL/HTTPS configuration can be made in the IIS or Apache webserver. Normally the IT of the customer knows how to do that.


answered 18.08.2014 at 11:39

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