Hello Ivy Team,

Do we have somewhere a list of all ports that Axon.Ivy Engine is opening ? I know only for the HTTP(s) and AJP ports. Do we have others that are opening behind the scenes ?

We found a port conflict with another application on port 9999 on one of our instances. I was not aware that this port was used by the Engine and I don`t know where to configure it.

I found only this occurrence in the settings: alt text

How can we configure this one to listen on another port ?

Best Regards, Yordan

asked 29.03.2019 at 02:59

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Hi Yordan,

I did some research and I found the problem. This RMI port is used for the designer as a JMX connection and sadly it's also started with the engine and there is no way to configure it to an other port at start up. If you can not start the other application before the engine, you can may configure this one so it don't uses the port 9999.

And you should also consider to update you engine to 7.0 because 6.2.0 is not longer supported and there is a security issue which is fixed with 7.0. In addition this RMI port is not used in 7.0.

BR, Lukas


answered 29.03.2019 at 06:47

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Lukas Lieb ♦♦
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Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your effort !

Can you tell me how to set this port to a static one (i.e. port 1000)?

We are planning the upgrade.

Best Regards, Yordan


answered 29.03.2019 at 07:11

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In 6.2.0 there is no way to configure it. In 7.0 this port isn't used, so you don't need to configure it. How to configure the other application to a static port I don't know

(29.03.2019 at 08:12) Lukas Lieb ♦♦ Lukas%20Lieb's gravatar image
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