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The ivy.core team just started to release a BETA version of MacDesigner. How is you user experience with it? Can you work with it on a daily basis? Please share issues or work-arounds that only occur on the MAC platform so that we can improve our work.

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  • SERVE: build the MAC designer for all our official release (see downloads). 7.3 will be the first official version with a MAC Designer. But currently it comes as beta as we have not much experience with its stability.
  • REACT: we plan to address minor issues and glitches which only occur on MAC OSX.
  • TEST: currently the automated testing process is not as mature as for our other platforms. We will raise our effort in this area once we recognize that the group of Mac Devs grow

Looking for a 7.0 version?


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XATTR Problem

If I download and run the Axon.ivy Designer with Safari on my High Sierra the Designer does not start. The unzipped 'Axon.ivy Designer.app' can not be booted: (fails with an Eclipse window stating that the Engine boot failed -> See /logs

Occasionally a dialog could appear that warn the user about the app verification: Designer is damaged alt text



  • Remove XATTRS with this command in a terminal: sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine Axon.ivy Designer.app Afterwards the Designer boots like a charm...

Gray Process Editor

The Designers shows only a grayed out editing window when I open a new process with the Process Editor.


  • force a re-drawing of your editing content with a Zoom+IN/Zoom+OUT keyboard combination: (Apple+/Apple-)

Designer boots with gray empty front-end

The Designers boots but shows only a gray empty window.


  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not compatible. The ivy version 7.3 only runs with a Java 1.8 JRE. Sprint releases of 7.4 should already run with the Java 11 (LTS).


  • Install a JAVA 11 JRE: e.g. from AdoptopenJDK: https://adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html#x64_mac
  • Finder: Right Click on AxonIvyDesigner > Show Package Contents > Open the file Axon.ivy Designer.app/Contents/Info.plist
  • Define the -VM argument under the <key>Eclipse</key> and point it to compatible Java installation. As it is shown in the out-commented section just below.
  • Verify by rebooting the designer and optionally checking the booted java version in a terminal: ps -e | grep java

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