As you know, the performance of the portal is not the best, also because of the Portal Connector, that will be removed in the next Major Axon.ivy Release. In the last couple of weeks we identified performance problems on our customer installations, where Task List and Case List is not performing very well.

The major problem with the performance problems is the usage of Hide Technical Stuff (described here: and the way how it is stored in the backend (by using Additional Properties).

Also the Portal Kit runs a nightly job, where at least one technical case is created (this will be now checked by the product development - why). But at the end it cause that every day a technical case is created and the longer you run the portal, the portal becomes slower (sad), because the queries for case/task list also references to the additional properties table and if you have many hidden stuff than the performance is not good anymore.

Hidden Caes are marked with an additional property in the IWA_ADDITIONALPROPERTY table. By double check this with the product development and also our experience in our critical installations we executed the following SQL statement. Those technical cases are not used anymore and have no negative impact if they do not exist

 delete from iwa_case
where caseid in
        select c.caseid
        and cap.CASEID=c.caseid and like 'HIDE' and c.State IN (-1, 2) --only zombie and finished cases

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