When calling an external Webservice we get a log of type: "The following requests seems to loop endless or are blocked:"

According to an answer in another post:

The endless loop logs occur when:

  • a normal user request is running for longer than 5 minutes
  • a system user task is running longer than 1 hour

How could be provoke such an error? And how could we prevent such an error when it occurs on a WebService call? Maybe by defining a Timeout on the Webservice call? Does a default timeout for the WS Call exist?

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Hi Fotini

Axon.ivy logs this error when a process is running longer than 5 minutes (if the process is started by a user over a http request). The error should give a hint that something might be wrong. Normally, a process should not run that long because the user wants a feedback in seconds and not minutes. The cause of the long running process can be manifold:

  • An endless loop in your process
  • A call to a third party system that takes to much time (e.g. Webservice call)
  • etc.

To prevent that a web service takes to long you can specify timeouts on the web service call. If you use CXF (>= 7.1) you can specify the following timeout properties: - javax.xml.ws.client.receiveTimeout (default is 1 minute) - javax.xml.ws.client.connectionTimeout (default is 30 seconds)

If you use Axis2 you can specify the following timeout property:

  • timeout.timeInSeconds (there is no default value for this property. This means there is no timeout by default here)

If you use Axon.ivy < 7.1 you can specify the timeout on the inscription mask directly. See Tab WS group Errors and field Timeout in seconds.

Hope this helps

Regards Reto Weiss, Axon.ivy Support


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Thank you a lot Reto, yes this helps!

(21.09.2018 at 03:04) Fotini Kalan... Fotini%20Kalantidou's gravatar image
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