Hello Ivy Team, we use one field with type DateTime in result by Web Service Process start. If there is null in this field, we receive always initialized Value


What is wrong on it?

I would expected, the section exportTimestamp would not be created (similar like with Type String).

Thank you for response in advance.

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0001-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 reflects the 'auto initialized' value of DateTime objects.

You can filter these values if you do it in the generated WebServiceProcess-Pojo:

  1. Copy the generated WebServiceProcess implementation from src_wsproc into your own src directory. From now on the source will not be re-generated on service changes in the process. Take care to keep the service interface in sync manually...
  2. Now add a simple IF statement that filters auto-initialized values. E.g. if (IvyDefaultValues.isDefaultObject(exporTs))

alt text


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