Hi all

Normally we use Ivy.session().loginSessionUser(userName, password) to login. And we have common modules to do common stuff like this (wrap by Ivy component).

My question is: Does ivy support a mechanism that we can subscribe this event and we'll be notified when a ivy user is logged in?


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Hello @trungdv

Something like that should work. You can register this SessionExtension in a Program Start:

import ch.ivyteam.di.restricted.DiCore;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.environment.Ivy;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.persistence.IPersistentTransaction;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.persistence.PersistencyException;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.security.ISecurityManager;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.security.ISession;
import ch.ivyteam.ivy.security.ISessionExtension;
import ch.ivyteam.log.Logger;

public class TrackingSessionEvents {

    public static void register()
        DiCore.getGlobalInjector().getInstance(ISecurityManager.class).addSessionExtension(new MySessionExtension());

    private static class MySessionExtension implements ISessionExtension
        private Logger log;
        public MySessionExtension() {
            log = Ivy.log();

        public void createSession(ISession session, IPersistentTransaction arg1) throws PersistencyException {          
            log.info("create session for: " + session.getSessionUser().getName());

        public void destroySession(ISession session, IPersistentTransaction arg1) throws PersistencyException {
            log.info("destroy session for: " + session.getSessionUser().getName());

        public void logoutSession(ISession session, IPersistentTransaction arg1, long arg2) throws PersistencyException {
            log.info("logout session for: " + session.getSessionUser().getName());


answered 16.04.2018 at 09:30

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