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We have a process, where we parse a CSV file. For each line a web service is called (in a loop). Our error handling catches timeout and other errors with Error Start elements.

The problem now is, on the second timeout (or other) error, Ivy throws an ivy:error:loop error, because it is the same sender and receiver element as also the same task.

What are possible solutions for this problem? We can't send all lines at once, because the web service is third party, and also it is crucial to catch every error to handle it.

Any help will be appreciated.

Here's a picture of the process: diagramm

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You can break the error loop by putting the webservice call into an own sub-process. And move the error handlers into this process.

Here is a sample: alt text

There is also a issue on our roadmap to make this error handler easier. But it is not yet done:
XIVY-2219 Allow to design looping processes with error handling


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It works flawlessly. Thank you very much!

(11.04.2018 at 10:51) rhorber rhorber's gravatar image
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