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Is it possible to modify Ivy generated URLs ? For example. I have process user login. User Login Processes/UserLogin/userLogin.ivp when I start the process it redirects to the page: http://domain.com/ivy/faces/instances/Portal/applicaton/161544002F5E30CF/applicationcom/Login.xhtml

I would like to modify the second link. http://domain.com/ivy/faces/instances/Portal/applicaton/161544002F5E30CF/applicationcom/Login.xhtml to http://domain.com/login.

How to config ivy to make http://domain.com/login doesn't redirect to .xhtml because of the problem:

Many users will bookmark the login page but it gets directly resolved into an xhtml page which leads to problems in Ivy. Next time the user visits the bookmark the login xhtml will have issues. Sharing links will not work either because users will copy&paste the xhtml files. Thank you!

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The redirect to this instances url is fundamental in Axon.ivy and cannot be changed.

However, a solution could be to use NGNIX as a Proxy Server to Axon.ivy. In NGNIX implement some rules that rewrites the URL of /ivy/faces/instances/Portal/application/*/applicationcom/Login.xhtml to /login if for example the session cookie JSessionId is missing or if Axon.ivy returns a 4xx error when invoking the original URL.


Reto Weiss, Axon.ivy Support


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