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I'm using ivy 7.0.1 and i have a example like this: alt text As you see in Chatting i have a condition that in user can get contact of girl, then that process can be triggered, otherwise it should be skipped.

It's working fine as my expectation, but now the requirement expand, my customer want that not only chatting but also all remaining processes should be skipped. but with current implementation, Datting, Express love still run even Chatting was skipped.

If i want to archive that requirement, i need to put condition is contact available for all remaining processes(after chatting), For me this is not a good solution because if we have several similar conditions like this, we need to apply it for all remaining processes.

My question is: Whether i can skip the remaining process by API? After chatting is skipped, i want the process is end programmatically.


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Hello @trungdv

As you already have mentioned, you can solve this with Case Map Conditions. There is another way to control the flow of the Case Map.

We support jumping to another Stage by API:


Call this API in a script step at the end "Get notice & contact". You can directly jump to the Stage "Be Boyfriend".

In future versions of the Case Map we want to introduce new flow control mechanisms. We are thinking about to jump directly to a certain process, to set (so called) Milestones and query them in conditions.

P. S. Good luck on the date.



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