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I have an CMS whose type is PNG Image defines 2 picture (one in English and one in German). I insert this image in .xhtml like: <h:graphicimage name="myImage" library="ivy-cms" styleclass="my-image"/>

There is a button for changing language of whole application.

My problem is: When I click on button to change language, my picture doesn't change. It is changed when I clear cache of browser (Ctrl + F5). I have already tried adding attribute update="my-image" for the button, but it still doesn't work.


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On which version are you and how does the rendered link look like?

A resource caching issue was fixed with XIVY-1959.


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I'm on 6.2 version. The rendered link is like: /ivy/faces/javax.faces.resource/uri-of-cms-image?ln=xpertivy-6-cms&xv=54581162611

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For the h:graphicImage I think there is some caching going on with the browser or nginx, so they think there could be no changes. Not really sure about this theory.

In this case, the cms already returns the img tag with the URL reference, so you just need to show it with an h:outputText with escape=false.

Just change the locale of your session then update the h:outputText then the image should be changed correspondingly.


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Thank for your answer. I've already tried your solution. It doesn't appear the image at the first time when I change language.

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