Hello Ivy Team,

Do you have any advise what is the proper way to setup SVN and Git in order to manage the code ?

I see that the files in \src_dataClasses and \classes folders are deleted (including the .gitignore inside) Also the files inside .settings folder should not be watched for changes, but they need to be part of the initial commit (they contains passwords for the email server in clear text !)

Best Regards, Yordan

asked 23.08.2017 at 02:20

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All directories that contain generated sources should be put under version control - but not their content:

  • src_dataClass
  • src_wsproc

In SVN I normally add these directories to the SCM server. But configure an svn-ignore: * property on them.

The classes directory can be completely ignored as it only contains binaries.

Normally sharing the .settings file in an SCM system should not harm you. In most cases I do never ever configure an e-mail server here as since 6.5 we have an embedded internal mail server in the designer that works for most scenarios. And if I configure a real mail server, then its an internal dev environment thing which is not accessible outside our network. So I do not mind sharing it.


answered 23.08.2017 at 02:49

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Thanks for the hints Raguel !

but how can I configure svn or git to source control only a folder ? is this even possible ? usually, empty folders are ignored. I see that Axon.Ivy has problems to build when these folder are missing - for example classes\META-INF should always be there.

BR, Yordan

(23.08.2017 at 03:01) Stelt0 Stelt0's gravatar image

In SVN this is a normal task. You can put folders under version control when they are empty.

In GIT the thing is tricky. The only way to put these empty folders under version control is by adding a dummy file to it. E.g. an empty.txt. So you can configure your .gitignore to only ignore the java files in these directories. But yes you are right. Currently this is also ineffective as the designer will clear and re-build the content of the generated directory which will remov the empty.txt file. So you always have to pay attention to not commit these changes.

(23.08.2017 at 03:08) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

We already identified problems when using GIT and should work towards a solution that does not require the empty directories to exist but create them at runtime. There is also a story for that in our backlog: https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/XIVY-1665

(23.08.2017 at 03:10) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

I do not know any build problems when classes/META-INF is missing. I build either in the Designer or with the maven project-build-plugin

(23.08.2017 at 03:22) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image
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