Hello every one

As customer expected, we must display required role of a process in report details. That means: every process details in report, we should show which roles can start the process.

In technical/business example design, we cannot find the required role property in IvyProcesses data set.

How do we get required role of each process in IvyProcesses data set?

Maybe we need define a expression to select required role of a process from IvyProcesses data set.

Please let me know if having any unclear. Thanks in advance, TaiNguyen

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Hello @nttai

The requested information (and some other) are part of the exposed dataset. It's a template/configration issue of the "Report Tempalte". The "Report Tempalte" can be selected when generating a report.

To see all provided information use the technical report template Designer\reporting\designs\TechnicalReport.rptdesign (or make a copy/custom version of it) and change the value of the expression-element (approximately the line 2433) to false, then all attributes are listed. Note that the content of the dataset changes depending on the configuration of an element.

Here an extract of the file before

< row id="1607" >
    < property name="style" >Code< /property >
    < list-property name="visibility" >
        < structure >
            < property name="format" >all< /property >
            < expression name="valueExpr" type="javascript" >!params["Technical Details"].value || row["ElementCol1Name"] == "" || row["ElementCol1Name"] == null< /expression >
        < /structure >
    < /list-property >

and the mentioned line after the change

            < expression name="valueExpr" type="javascript" >false< /expression >

Note: I had to add a space after/before the < and the > character so the code was displayed proper in the answer...

My result The responsible role of the start request element


answered 07.08.2017 at 06:26

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Hello @Flavio, I check all attributes in Technical/Business template, cannot find the expected data. In the IvyProcesses dataset, can we select the role which can start a process? of course the role is in process data of the dataset. Thanks Flavio for your suggestion.

(07.08.2017 at 06:54) nttai nttai's gravatar image

Hi @ntaii, I have updated the answer with an image. What information do you miss?

(07.08.2017 at 07:51) Flavio Sadeghi ♦♦ Flavio%20Sadeghi's gravatar image

Thanks @Flavio, this is helpful.

(07.08.2017 at 22:36) nttai nttai's gravatar image
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