I have a Task Query as json to filter tasks by states: SUSPENDED, RESUMED, PARKED and order by priority:

TaskQuery stateQuery = TaskQuery.create().where().state().isEqual(TaskState.SUSPENDED).or().state().isEqual(TaskState.RESUMED).or().state().isEqual(TaskState.PARKED).orderBy().priority();

After that, I would like to extend this query: filtering by ((suspended or resumed or parked states) and applicationId) order by priority but it is not as my expectation:

Way 1: TaskQuery.fromJson(stateQueryJson).where().and().applicationId().isEqual(1);

The result: SELECT * FROM IWA_Task WHERE (Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 4 || Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 5 || (Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 8 && Column(IWA_TaskQuery.ApplicationId) = 1)) ORDER BY Column(CurrentPriority) ASCENDING

==> Tasks with Suspended state and Resumed state are not filtered by applicationId

Way 2: TaskQuery.create().where().and(TaskQuery.fromJson(stateQuery.asJson())).and().applicationId().isEqual(1)

The result: SELECT * FROM IWA_Task WHERE ((Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 4 || Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 5 || Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 8) && Column(IWA_TaskQuery.ApplicationId) = 1)

==> Priority order is lost

Do you have any suggestions? Or is it a bug of task json query?

asked 18.05.2017 at 02:59

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The following snipped creates your expected query:

TaskQuery orConditions = TaskQuery.create()

TaskQuery query = TaskQuery.create()


Resulting Query:

  FROM IWA_Task  
      (  Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 4 
      || Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 5 
      || Column(IWA_TaskQuery.State) = 8
      Column(IWA_TaskQuery.ApplicationId) = 1
  ORDER BY Column(CurrentPriority) ASCENDING

Way 1: The first 'operator' is a OR-operator. As a result, the root-operator is a or-operator and therefore any further operators are attached to this root-(or-)operator, which results in your written condition.

Way 2: The method and(TaskQuery q) doesn only take the filter (the where-condition) from the passed query.

I would say: the TaskQuery API is a perfect fluent API. When using it to combine multiple condition is is a bit tricky...


answered 18.05.2017 at 09:33

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Flavio Sadeghi ♦♦
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edited 18.05.2017 at 09:37

Hi Flavio,

The problem is from Json:

TaskQuery orConditions = TaskQuery.create()

TaskQuery query1 = TaskQuery.create()

TaskQuery query2 = TaskQuery.fromJson(query1.asJson()); //The result queries of 1 and 2 are the same.

query1.where().applicationId().isEqual(1); // Correct as expected.
query2.where().applicationId().isEqual(1); // Wrong, the same as Way 1.

Why is query2 the same as query1 before filtering by app but different after that?


answered 18.05.2017 at 23:31

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edited 19.05.2017 at 00:04

Hi @lttung, thanks for pointing out the deserialization bug. We will analyze it. Here the link to the issue: https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/XIVY-1923: CaseQuey / TaskQuery json deserialization removes AND-condition when it has only one condition

(22.05.2017 at 04:10) Flavio Sadeghi ♦♦ Flavio%20Sadeghi's gravatar image
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