Hi ivy.Team,

I just want to ask if there is any version upgrading of PrimeFaces in further version of iVY (from 6.5).

As we're encountering a bug from PrimeFaces 5.3 and it's fixed in 5.3.1.

We prefer not to upgrade by ourselves as it's related to other teams in the same project.

So it would be great for us to know this information.

asked 03.04.2017 at 09:38

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For primefaces bugfix versions you (or. your customer) need a license. So we can't update to a bug fix version. But we already fixing bugs in primeface on our own. If there is a bug which should be fixed in the delivered version of primeface within ivy, let us know (support@ivyteam.ch).

At the moment we have no plans to update to version 6 of primeface in the next future releases. Because we want to keep the incompatibility gap between releases as small as possible.

Update 05-23-2017 @ToanLC @thienqh We plan to upgrade to version 6 of primeface with the ivy 7 release.


answered 04.04.2017 at 12:41

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Alex Suter ♦♦
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Hi Alex, There is a problem with SelectManyButton widget of Primefaces that cause the users have to click twice to deselect a selected button as described in https://github.com/primefaces/primefaces/issues/790

I did tried to overcome this problem by overriding the behavior of that widget., which is defined in primefaces.js.

I think it should be better if Ivy team could modify it directly in primefaces-5.3.jar by themself

(05.04.2017 at 09:47) thienqh thienqh's gravatar image

It seems to be that primfaces has fixed this bug with the following commit: https://github.com/primefaces/primefaces/commit/312e003722fba82a5ca79ee276cdce7f0f0902c9

I created an jira issue (XIVY-1850). Keep track for this bug on this jira issue.

(05.04.2017 at 10:34) Alex Suter ♦♦ Alex%20Suter's gravatar image
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