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Hi ivyteam

As you know in HtlmUserDialog we can use #{data} or #{logic} to access the attribute/method on ivy from view(xhtml). No matter which component/page you have, you can use #{data} and #{logic} anywhere and it always work in correct context, There is no mistake that you use #{data} from component A but it return data of component B. That's great.

So i have two questions: - Can you share the mechanism how did you resolve those keywords in ivy (ex: some class that i can explore by myself), i guess that there is a managed bean(view scope) behind the scene? - If i have the page with some components as below picture, can i access #{data} of any components i want programmatically? I tried to resolve EL #{data} after the page has been loaded and it always return data of Page A

alt text

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Do you want to access #{data} from Component A within Page A? Or vice versa? Or both? And this also for #{logic}?

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hi @Alex Suter ♦♦

yes, maybe both. i'm also curious about how ivy resolve two keyword in relevant context

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Hi @trungdv

Ivy needs to introduce custom ELResolver to handle resolving the #{logic} and #{data}. So you may want to start looking at the class IvyLogicBeanResolver and IvyDataBeanResolver and work out how Ivy integrate the expression with its DialogRuntimeManager.

But I think they are not part of the public API, so any code relying on these class are subject to be changed from release to release. So be careful then.


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Genzer Hawker
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hi @Genzer Hawker

Thanks for your response, i only want to know how and where ivy implement it. :D

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