I know that the ULC-Components are not the main road that Xpert.ivy will take. But what happens with the ULC WorkflowUI? We have the impression that the move to put the ULC WorkflowUI into maintenance-support-mode is going a bit too fast. Due to the fact that there are a lot of customers using the ULC-WorkflowUI intensively.

We received answers from the offical support which were quite irritating because the proposed workaround to an - in my opinion - obvious error within the authentication/authorization component of the WorkflowUI contained security critical measures ("give all users all rights").

So is the ULC-WorkflowUI already put into maintenance mode and are still substantinal resources committed to support or develop this AddOn further? I'm wondering because it says that this is officially supported Addon by the ivy-team.

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Rich Dialog technology:

For ivyTeam the Rich Dialog technology is still and will be an important technology. Most of our customers use at the moment Rich Dialogs to build their projects and even start new projects using this technology. Here at ivyTeam one of our teams is working 40% of their time on developing new features, improvements or fixing bugs in the area of the Rich Dialog technology including the ULC components. This is also reflected in the Release Notes of our update releases where at least 1-3 issues in every update release is inlcuded with a topic in the Rich Dialog area.

RIA Workflow UI:

The RIA Workflow UI was a component that was developed by a partner of ivyTeam. We agree that the support for the RIA workflow UI is not optimally solved at the moment. We are currently discussing how the support for the component can be improved.


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