After upgrading my client JRE to the newly released Java 1.8 update 121 my RIA based web start application won't start.

The following Message is shown ("Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to the system"):

alt text

asked 19.01.2017 at 11:59

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This seems to happen in a combination of ivy Engine 6.0.4 or 6.0.5 and a client JRE with Java 1.8 update 121 installed.

At the moment there are two possible solutions:

  • Don't upgrade the clients to Java 1.8 update 121. (wait for a later version)
  • Upgrade ivy Engine to 6.0.6.

[Update] We filled a bug report with Oracle and they confirmed it's a regression in the current JRE: Bug Report. [/Update]

If your version is lower (e.g. 6.0.3) you seem not affected.

Other Versions (not complete):

Currently we are not aware of other affected ivy versions. Please leave a comment if other versions are affected.


answered 19.01.2017 at 12:03

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Are only those Versions affected or is the version 5.1.x also affected? We have quite a few customers on pre 6.x so it would be good to know if we should warn them about this JAVA Update.

(23.01.2017 at 14:51) RMS71 RMS71's gravatar image

@WilkRMS: I updated the answer accordingly.

(23.01.2017 at 16:25) SupportIvyTeam ♦♦ SupportIvyTeam's gravatar image

Annoucing same problem but different ivy Engine version, after upgrading client JRE to 1.8 (ver 121) RIA application from web process start won't start.

  • This problem occurs in a combination of Engine 4.3.19 and JRE 1.8 (ver 121) on client side.

  • Problem doesn't occur in a combination of Engine 4.3.26 and JRE 1.8 (ver 121) on client side.

Adding screenshot of error - ivy Engine 4.3.19 x JRE 1.8 (ver 121)

alt text


answered 23.01.2017 at 14:50

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Thank you!

(23.01.2017 at 16:26) SupportIvyTeam ♦♦ SupportIvyTeam's gravatar image

We've got the same Problem with ivy Version 4.3 is there allready a Solution for this issue? we allready added the Server Url to the exception List (exceptions.sites)

(17.02.2017 at 08:00) Thomas Wirz Thomas%20Wirz's gravatar image
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