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One month ago, i introduced a new task switch element on my project and deploy it on server. So customer used it already (on their side). Now customer think they don't need it anymore so they request me to remove it.

After removing that task switch and delete all cases which are related to that element then deploy on server, i got this exception:

    The task switch element with process element id '155C371802ADDD14-S40-f35' is used by cases of the process model version but is missing in the project
`This is the exception from Jenkin`
[FAILED] Check task elements: Checks that the process elements that are references by tasks still exists in the project
        ERROR The task switch element '155C371802ADDD14-S40-f35' is missing - The task switch element with process element id '155C371802ADDD14-S40-f35' is used by cases of the process model version but is missing in the project (Recreate the task switch element with the process element id '155C371802ADDD14-S40-f35' in the project)
        WARNING There are cases started on the process model version, only deploy changes in your project if you know for sure that those changes do not break the started cases - Because there are cases started on the process model version, you have to ensure that the changes in your project do not break the started cases. We recommend strongly to create allways a new process model version to deploy changes in your projects. However, sometime you only change small things in your project that are compatible to the started cases (e.g. no changes to task switch elements and connected arcs, to intermediate events, to exception elements, to call sub elements and to process data classes). In this case you may want to redeploy a project to an existing process model version. (Create a new process model version and deploy your project changes to the new process model version)

I see in that exception engine suggest me to create new PMV, but can we have another way? because we just want to keep one pmv on server.

If we try to remove all cases/tasks which is related to this task switch, can we solve it?

Thanks all

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Reguel Werme... ♦♦

AxonIvy >= 7.0

A re-deployment of a PMV with changed or removed Task Switches is possible - except there are running tasks on the changed/removed TaskSwitch. This makes a re-deployment much easier.

If there are still issues, which you think has to be improved, send us a message with the use case. We will analyse and improve it possibly.

AxonIvy < 7.0

No, just deleting the Cases/Tasks from the system DB would not help.

There are also entries in the table IWA_TaskElement, IWA_TaskEnd and IWA_TaskStart. So you have to delete the corresponding entry in the IWA_TaskElement table too (TaskEnd/Start would be deleted since it the referential integrity). Then the ‘yet implemented’ PMV deployment validation will be fine…

However, you could also leave the Task Switch element inside the process. It needs the same incoming and outgoing arrows, but it does has not to be integrated in the effective process flow.

Basically it’s a known issue and we can optimize the deployment validation, by allowing a re-deployment when there are no running cases/tasks on a corresponding deleted/changed Task Switch. But currently there is nothing planned – if this is a frequent issue, lets us know – so we can discuss/plan required stories - and/or add an entry in the 'most wanted fixes' list.


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yep, for me it make sense if we can improve this kind of deployment validation. in our Fintech project, the requirement is change quite frequently (depending on bank) so this stuff could happen over and over again.

Thanks for your support.

(19.12.2016 at 02:27) trungdv trungdv's gravatar image

good to know. pls add and prioritize it in the list of most-wantet-fixes

(19.12.2016 at 13:57) Flavio Sadeghi ♦♦ Flavio%20Sadeghi's gravatar image

If a TaskSwitch element is no longer required, but it was already used in old cases, there exists an API to delete Cases and its Tasks that have ended. Ivy.wf.deleteCompletedCase(ICase) The method also double-checks that the case has reached final state. And refuses to work if not.

(20.11.2017 at 06:36) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image
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