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I'm not sure it is a trouble in Axon Ivy or may be i'm wrong in this situation, as my understanding about task (reference to Documentation), the task state will be changed when a user open it. But somehow it's quite strange when i use UserTask (new element, with embedded HtmlUserDialog). When user open that task then it open embedded HtmlUserDialog,but the state was not changed to RESUMED as i expect. so i can't prevent another user from opening it (i want just one user can open a same task in the same time),

Everything normal in case i use normal task switch element. I describe task state as below picture (in my investigation): alt text

Is it the way we handle for UserTask element? or do we have any way to know the task is already opened or not? Here is the demo (Axon ivy 6.3)


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Answer for 6.5.0 and 6.0.6 (LTS)

The state for normal HtmlUserDialog is now automatically changed to RESUMED as soon as a user picks up the task. The state SUSPENDED is only kept for UserTask that open an OfflineUserDialog. See also the updated designer documentation: http://developer.axonivy.com/doc/latest/DesignerGuideHtml/ivy.concepts.html#d5e17755

This behaviour change was introduced with 6.0.6 and the sprint release 6.4.1-S18

Workaround for 6.0.5 and 6.4.0

I've an work-around solution for this problem like:

alt text In this solution, we introduce a Passthrough HtmlUserDialog then use it as embedded dialog on User Task, for the main page we move it out. The Passthrought dialog just simple to skip auto dialog of User Task and user will not see anything strange when opening the task. Here is its implementation (just simply construct then destroy immediately): alt text Now, the task state is RESUMED when user open Main Page.


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