Hello, how is the rule which language has the system session ? Can we set the langauge of system session for the whole application ?



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The locale of an ivy session is determined as follows. The first defined locale wins - top down. E.g. if browser language is set, the client OS is ignored:

  1. request
  2. override
  3. ivy (designer simulation settings)
  4. browser
  5. client OS

For the system session you should be able to refine the locale by using the API that will influence the 'override' locale:

ISession system = ivy.session.getSecurityContext().getSystemUserSession();

Be aware that you need some maintenance code set these Locales after an engine reboot.

Anyway, what is your use case to refine the system users language? Are you trying to influence the language within Task-Mails? If so, consider to use Axon.ivy 6.4 which will be available around the end of October. We've introduced API to load CMS contents in E-Mail steps with a given language: <%=ivy.cms.coLocale("myContent/uri", "de_DE") %>


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task names are stored fix in system database with language of session by task creation. (the trigerred task with system session). We would like to control the language used for the task names (from CMS)

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