Hi all

I have a requirement like: When user start a process then upload some document, the Document Cheking task will be create for the Superior role and it can be see in tasklist (use API from ivy to load task).

If after x Day, that task is not started by super role (may be he is very busy or he's in long holiday), so system will automatically create another task for HR to remind Superior role that he should perform that task (HR will remind superior by fone for example) and both tasks (Document Checking and Reminder) still can be opened. it would mean we can't use Expire time or Delay time in this case because just one task will be available at a time

When Document Checking is finished, the reminder will be destroy, i intend to use boundary signal event to do.

So does ivy task support this case or is there any api from ivy that we can use?

the process look like this:

alt text

Thanks in advance

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Hi Trung

it's a while now since you asked this question but maybe you (or someone else) are still interested in a solution.

Please notice: This only works with Axon.ivy 6.3 and greater.

You can find a demo project here which shows a pattern to create reminders to a task and destroy them if the concerning task is done.

alt text

At the To do step an expiry handling is defined as following: alt text

The error start gets the task id of the expired task: alt text

If the To do task is done before the remind task was, the Remind task will be destroyed: alt text

The sent signal is caught by the attached signal of the Remind task: alt text

Regards Barbara


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Alex Suter ♦♦

Thanks alot. this solution look more simple than our current way (using system task and set expired time for it then when it is expired we create reminder task.)

(13.10.2016 at 04:45) trungdv trungdv's gravatar image

now we have more requirement: if HR role open reminder task then make a call to superior role already then HR make it done. But superior user once again forget to finish Dokument Checking task, so the system should create another reminder task to HR role (2nd time), this kind of loop should be keep over and over again until Dokument Checking is finish. How can we deal?

(14.10.2016 at 03:34) trungdv trungdv's gravatar image

To recreate a reminder you can extend the process the following way:

alt text The System task blocks the process for a specified duration: alt text The alternative gateway checks if the origin task is already done in the meantime: alt text

If this is the case, the reminder process ends, otherwise a new reminder task will be created.


answered 14.10.2016 at 21:48

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Barbara Brugger ♦♦
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thanks for your support. it works :)

(17.10.2016 at 06:58) trungdv trungdv's gravatar image
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