There written in the public document:

Normally, a case is started non persistent. This means it is stored in memory only. As soon as the process hits a task switch the case and its tasks will be made persistent by storing them to the system database.

I just found out that you can make an ICase persisted without any TaskSwitch element in the process by setting an additionalProperty.

As soon as the line of code is evaluated:"anything-will-do", "some-value");

The ICase will be persisted immediately.

Is this a non-public behaviour or a bug in the API?

P.S: there is a demo project to demonstrate this behaviour at

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Genzer Hawker
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Your right. This is by design. If you set an additional property or add a note to case then the additonal property or the note is stored in the system database. Because the table for additional properties and notes have a foreign key to the case also the case needs to be stored in the system database. Otherwise the additonal property or note cannot be stored and a SQL constraint Exception would be rised.

Note, that this does not manipulate the state of the case or task. Both are still in state CREATED and not RUNNING or RESUMED after storing to the system database.


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Hi Reto Weiss, I don't actually 100% agree with the answer though. By calling some optional method like setAdditonalProperty can make a side-effect such that the ICase is persisted into database is a big surprise. Saying the behavior is by design is like saying that the API has been driven by the database schema and we have no other way to implement it. I think this fact should also be in the public document also.

(05.05.2016 at 04:29) Genzer Hawker Genzer%20Hawker's gravatar image

Hi Genzer Hawker I've improved the API documentation as suggested. Thanks for the feedback

(17.05.2016 at 10:29) Reto Weiss ♦♦ Reto%20Weiss's gravatar image
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