Hi everybody

If I create a Task with a delay, user that is responsible for that task gets an email after blocking period.

How can be defined trigger time for sending delayed task email notifications - same as daily summary notification emails ? I can not find EMail.DailyTaskDelayed.TriggerTime in system properties of the engine.

Thank you very much for clarify.

Cheers Andreas

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There is no property which supports you in sending TaskMails for yet delayed Tasks.

If you need to send mails for delayed tasks, you can implement it in the project with a workflow history listener, that will send a mail with a mail step if new delayed tasks we're created.

More about workflow history and it's listeners can be found in this post: http://answers.axonivy.com/questions/1193/listen-to-process-case-start-and-task-creation-start


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Hi Reguel

Thank you. I did some tests with these classes.

public void workflowChanged(WorkflowChangeEvent event) {
    IWorkflowEvent createEvent = wfManager.findWorkflowEvent(event.getId());

    if (createEvent.getEventKind() == WorkflowEventKind.EVENT_TASK_DELAY_EXPIRED) {

    ICase newCase = createEvent.getCase();
    Ivy.log().info("new case created: "+newCase);

But there is no way to trigger daily for delayed tasks at specific time and send email to responsible.

When exactly are these tasks triggered after restarting ivy?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers Andreas


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You can write your a process start event bean with your custom criteria to run. I wrote a simple sample that starts a process if the time of day is later than the configured input. Of course you have to make it a little smarter for your task...

alt text

Sample Projekt: customDailyMailSender_61.iar

(01.04.2016 at 13:27) Reguel Werme... ♦♦ Reguel%20Wermelinger's gravatar image

Hi Reguel

Thanks for explanaition.

I recognized that sendDailyMailBean is triggered all the time. Unfortunately, there was a Date defined for Delay and Date.getDurationFromNow() was calculated precisely with time.

Changing the field to Date and Time, the user can define Delay with exact Time for himself now, helps.

alt text


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